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We aim to provide comprehensive insurance cover to reduce risk and claims numbers and costs. Research has shown that the lowest incident rates are achieved by drivers with a clean driving standard including effective vetting and induction procedures.


All claims are managed in association with Sentinel Insurance Solutions. A recognised specialist insurance broker with expertise to assist in any motor claim. The helpline for immediate assistance and hirer qualification is available 24-hours a day seven days a week. Provisions are arranged for all EU travel including green cards, VE103 and EU road and accident assistance.

If you are over 22 and under 76 years old,  have been driving longer than two years, no conviction to report and been involved in only one motor insurance claim then we can offer you comprehensive insurance cover for your rental. The policy extends to an additional driver at a cost of £10.


If you are involved in a motoring accident please remember not to admit liability.  The following claim form must be completed immediately after the accident. We will require third party details, car make model and registration, witnesses, weather conditions, accident location and a crime reference if applicable. The policy will not provide cover for tyre blow-outs, punctures, glass damage, negligent damage and glass damage and above cab height damage.

For further details regarding any of these and the following points please discuss with your hire desk. 



Upon booking either a Luton Van, 9 or 17 Seater Minibus a deposit will be required of at least the hire charge. 

In the event of cancellation or of no show then the hire charges are non-refundable regardless of notice given.

Insurance Restrictions:
Only the following drivers are eligible to drive by the policy. 
Drivers’ falling under the following categories WILL NOT be covered: -
a)   Provisional Licence holders.
b)   Drivers who have held a full licence for less than 24 months.
c)   Drivers aged 22-years or under.
d)   Drivers under 23-years MUST be free from any convictions.
e)   Drivers aged 24-years or under the basic damage excess is increased to £1000.
f)   Drivers 30-years or under are NOT permitted to drive nine seat, minibuses, (Minibus age limit is 69) MPV’s, and vehicles over 3500kg GVW.  Licence requirement for vehicles with over 8 passenger seats is a D1
g)   Drivers aged 76-years or over.
h)   Drivers involved in more than one accident in the last three years.
i)   UK students under 25 years, any foreign student or Foreign Service personnel.
j)   Directors and producers (film, stage, radio or television), full-time actors, actresses and models. Pop musicians, member of the entertainment profession, professional sports person or personalities.
k)   Itinerant workers fairground showmen and circus employees, persons connected with gambling, including on-course Bookmakers, persons connected with racing, scrap metal merchants, general dealers, market traders & street traders.
l)   UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE  - any driver with the following conviction(s) in the last 5 years:- 
         ALL UT/AC10 – AC20/ALL BA/ALL DD/ ALL DR/CD40/CD50/CD60/CD70/MS90.
m)   Endorsements CD10/IN10/LC20 acceptable only after 5-years from date of conviction.
n)   Any licence with two or more periods of disqualification.
o)   Any conviction resulting in a disqualification of more than six months acceptable only after five years from date of conviction. 
p)   Drivers’ with more than six endorsement points.


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